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Aside from the fact that we here at Eco Magazine consider ourselves all Eco Mermaids 
and Eco Mermen or Merkids, or even MerAnimals of another kind, we all revere the seven seas and all the inhabitants therein and therearound and thereout, for that matter!

Sea Planet Logo by Ocean

We'd like to introduce our very own Oceans page in order to provide 
helpful links and entertaining articles and photos about our huge playpool 
planet, Sea!

Our planet is over seventy percent water, of course, and most of that is 
oceanic water.

Planet Sea by Ocean

Synonymous with the word, Sea, mystery reigns in our deepest realms.

Sea Planet Logo by Ocean

The great seas are sources of mysteries unfathomed and unplumbed. Despite the 
nosy efforts of our little primate specie to uncover every shred and detail 
about everything and everyone we will never know all there is to know or even 
most about the oceans.

Enjoy finding out what we do know on our pages, and please follow the links 
in order to help save our beautiful, fragile, shimmering green planet, Sea, the Ultimate Mermaid!

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