What is Green? What is Eco?

Green, eco, and so on...common terms, now.
Over-used, almost meaningless in advertising, sadly.
So, what exactly does the term mean - since being eco and green are the same things ? Basically, it means being compassionate in all our choices.

It means to, as we were all wisely advised by the early Native Americans, to tread lightly while alive - to leave behind only good - to make sure that, once we've gone, by our existence, we had only created, and never destroyed.

This is what compassion and just common sense would dictate.
If we want to survive ourselves with any quality of life - and, if we have kindly intentions toward our children and grandkids, let alone toward every other person and every other being in the world, we'll want to improve conditions on Earth for everyone and for every plant too.

Although most people have good intentions and really do want to contribute goodness, and to take care of things and beings, many don't know how, and many don't feel that they can make any impact on life, and become apathetic.
Also, economic considerations lead many to think they cannot afford to shop at health food stores. 
You don't have to.
Shopping at local markets, finding and asking them to order organic produce is great. You can live - and thrive - on only plant foods, despite the lies generated to make you think otherwise. See Veganize.com for more.

Buy the simple items mentioned below and start to educate yourself on how to do things the eco way - create new ways, like buying an old hand-pushed grass mower to get exercise, to save the atmosphere, and to keep from buying gasoline.

Lobby your representatives and help our great President Obama get the healthcare plan passed, even if in every detail it doesn't meet with your dream plan - still it's a great step the the right direction.
Then, take your own life, your own health, into your own hands.
Educate yourself on what is healthy, start to walk every day, and get as "countrified" as you can - live like your great-great-grandparents did.

The facts are that we have all been sold lies by the marketplace - by the ads on TV and elsewhere.
As those of a few generations ago knew, home remedies and the old ways of cleaning, of living, and of thinking, are best.
Simple is best.

As with individual health matters - whereas the grandparents of us all would have eschewed going to the doctor, doing their best to stay healthy and keep the "sawbones" away, today, because of a long, calculated and money-driven campaign to brain-wash people into believing that they "have" to get cured of every little thing, and must go to a doctor, and must have medicine, even for minor things, the average American at least believes that home cures are not the best cures.

The truth is that living eco is a far more economic way to live, and that, by spending your money on healthy things, you save money on doctors, on insurance, etc., and that a long, healthy, happy lifestyle means keeping toxins out of your home, including out of your food.

Simple items help you to live a long, healthy, and happy life - stock your home with white vinegar, peroxide and alcohol for cleaning; essential oils and herbs for pesticides ; and organic fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds for eating.

Avoid land-fill products, take your bike or public transpo, vote only for eco-minded politicians, grow your own veggies, buy local produce in season, conserve water and use a filter for drinking water, and wear recycled clothing.

Vintage chic has been the hot look for awhile now, with all the top celebrities sporting pre-owned clothing, accessories, and household items too.

So...where to start?
With your own mind, of course - green your mind by opening it to the logic that will allow you to think for yourself.
See that human beings have lived long, countless generations by utilizing the great herbs and plants that God provided, and that going the natural, the simple route is best.
Visit hacres.com for many great ideas on how to simply cure anything.

And Visit Veganize.com to get a start on your healthy lifestyle today!

And - always visit Ecoize.com to learn how to be eco in all ways!

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