The Meaning Of Life


Such a grandiose title means a grandiose revelation must follow.

It will.

The directive is to improve.

To improve oneself and to improve conditions for all o n our planet.

This tidy summation is an enormous concept, big enough to contain the recipes 
for happiness, health, joy, achievement, and the saving of all of creation, 
every living creature including us, all other animals, trees, plants, places, 
resources, and our souls in the saving.

Since we are the only beings capable of doing so, it is obvious that we are 
elected to do so.

The meaning of life is obvious.

It's time to pitch in, everyone, and to roll up our preverbial sleeves 
and to understand that this is a state of emergency.

We are the world, indeed. We are the planet. The buck stops here, with us.

We are both the cause of the miseries of the world and, ironically, also 
the solution.

Just as each person can either be a curse or a blessing, he is also that 
to himself.

To find happiness, give happiness. To find peace, give peace. To find wealth
give money. To find healing, give healing. To find love, give love.

To live upon our planet and only to be a part of the problem will not give 
you happiness. only joining those who are giving back, who are saving our 
home, our planet, find happiness.

Don't let the sun set on your life without giving back to our beautiful planet, to all the helpless beings just like us on it, and to your own relatives whose lives in the future depend on what we all do right now.

Sow happiness. Sow Compassion. 
Be Vegan and Save the World - and your own descendants!