If you live for your appetites, they will Consume You.

An eating machine. Mindless, Soulless. 
A monstrous idea.
Devoid of sensitivity?
Living in denial?

The old adage that one has only to "pick one's poison", is true enough, meaning that something or someone will get us all, each one, and drag us toward death inevitably.
Smoking cigarettes? Maybe that's your vice.
Your "Achilles Heel" - meaning the "fatal flaw" that will prove your major undoing.
Well, unless you're smoking near someone, at least you're only hurting yourself.

To those who ask, "What do you want to do? Live forever?", laughingly, just answer, "No - but I want my life to have the best quality, abilities, and fun that it can have." Only by enjoying glowing health can the optimal living of a life be attained, of course.

Think again.
It's a mind-altering drug that impairs your bodily functions, slows your brain and distorts your senses, rendering your ability to make judgements and to react properly impossible - making you dangerous to others, primarily from driving, but also from the violence that alcohol elicits from most of its' victims, but also from the many suicidal and homicidal acts caused by the inability to use true and self-protective prudence. Many have acquired AIDS during drunken lapses, for instance.

But mainly, your own food intake will do you in, shorten your life, shrink your youthful years, age you irreparably, put excess weight on you, and clot all your organs up with scar tissue and heavy burdens of fat and toxins.  It will leech the minerals from your bones, give you brain damage, and cause many other disastrous conditions that take away all quality of life and all mental stability.
Of course, this toxic diet I'm speaking of consists of eating other animals and animal products, contrary to the build of our bodies and to the way our bodies are meant to function.

How can this be helped? 
Go vegan.

Extend your life, your youthfulness, vigor, and your quality of life.

Try it just for a month, or even one day a week.
You'll see the difference!