Organic Gardening

What Better Way to Celebrate Spring Than Growing Flowers Organically and Getting Into Flower Essences!

Than to dealve into the very essence of springtime - Flowers!
They heal, not o nly by their beauty, their colorful allure, their hypnotic fragrances, but by the old and primal relationship we primates we formed by.
After all, we were born as a specie long after flowers were, and plants dictated what form we would take!

Since we're naturally plant-eating, tree dwellers, we have long adored flowers.
Why else would we place such a huge premium o n growing them, having them around, even if only as patterns in wall-paper?
So many reasons!
They're sensually alluring to our entire selves!
They graciously stand in for our religiosity, for our sentiments, and are a part of every love relationship we'll ever have - witness the tender remnants of ancient flowers placed at Neanderthal graves, or the dusty forms of lotuses they found in Egyptian tombs...
or the centerpiece of all Valentines or Weddings to this day!

Beautiful Bees 

Flower Fact - Did you know that Gypsies - the Romani People who value freedom and natural beauty in our world view a cut flower as a sign of death?
Yes, and we agree! Let them stay in your garden, in their own wild meadow, or let the boughs stay o n the trees - we should make pilgrimages to honor the flowers ourselves, not cut them, kill them, bring them into the stale house!

Let them grow naturally - maybe with a little fresh soil - but make sure it's natural soil, digging it up yourself or creating your own healthy mulch - otherwise, you're putting horrible dead body mush and dangerous chemicals into your home environment, possibly harming your kids and pets as well as the rest of the world.
Plants don't need much of anything except water, actually. Let them be natural. Let them grow and do their own thing while they bestow the pleasure of their beauty on you.

The sight of our littlest o nes seated among the clovers, or our doggies romping through a cascade of wildflowers is enough to make us stir deep in our souls, and to feel the wealth and bounty of Nature, as she renews herself in her most beauteous array!
The heavy boughs of tree brances, laden with delicate streams of florals, the tiniest doll-sized blooms hidden among the new grass, and the garden flowers blooming their little heads off are enough to make us intoxicated with life itself!
No wonder we all love them!

No wonder we even wear their fragrances, or even simulations of them, o n our persons and borrow their colors to paint our faces with, adorn our outfits with and to live with within our homes!
Flowers color, brighten, stimulate, radiate beauty and well-beingness - spread joy, send messages, and let us know that Nature - that God - provides!
After the heady Springtime blossoms fall in gorgeous disarray under the trees, the fruits arrive!

Flowers beckon to bees,butterflies and moths, and then fruit beckons to us and to all the other species, and life goes o n, eternally, we hope - if we humans do our part in loving the world as the world has always loved and provided for us it will.
And the very hearts of those lovely nectar-filled cupsful of nurturance and loveliness given by God to His animals, including us, are their healing qualities!
Flower essences are o nly now beginning to be appreciated for their powerful abilities and affects o n us, and now quite easily we all can improve our moods, lift our spirits, and even heal major needs of the body by learning more about what magic these blossoms actually impart to us and to all the other animals!
Happy Springtime!

Green Lawn Tip

We love the natural meadows and fields, with the lovely buzzing of bees, the butterflies, and other little visitors, the mesmerizing fragrances of a profusion of tiny wildflowers, and the feel of a real environment, so we allow our lawn to grow the way nature intended it!
It's gorgeous, lush, diverse, and hardly ever needs mowing!
It's green, gorgeous, and effortless, and our yard is home to many songbird families, squirrels and chipmunks who love the natural yard and trees!
Try it!
Those products they're always pushing o n us aren't good for anyone or for the environment, and we don't need anything for our plants to grow - just look at a wild area!
The less you do, the better your yard will look!
Let it go wild and just enjoy the view!