Eco Eat - Going Green To Save Your Life and Our Planet

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegan diet."

 Albert Einstein

Do you like to live? To be hot? To be healthy and vital, energetic and attractive?
Do you want the planet to survive? Do you want for all the starving childrn in the world to thrive? Do you want all the over-fed children to survive?

Veganize !

 "If Americans were to reduce their meat consumption by o nly 10 per cent for o ne year, it would free at least 12 millions tons of grain for human consumption - or enough to feed 60 million people... Indeed, if Americans were to stop eating grain-fed beef altogether the grain thus released would be enough to feed all the 600 million people in India.  -Peter Singer, Author

Eco Eat

We'd like to show you a wonderful site that explains exactly why people who actually care about life, about their families and a future for generations to come, about wildlife and wild places, and about the quality of life, or even about our own Creator who entrusted us with guardianship of our formerly beautiful world understand that becoming vegan is the only way to save our 
world, and we at Ecoize add this - becoming vegan, staying child-free 
and/or adopting some of the millions of starving and suffering children already alive, and making eco choices every day of your life.

Anything less than being vegan and staying child-free and, as we've pointed out at Veganize  and Healthize 
the direct comparison is as putting a band-aid on someone dying of AIDS !
Absolutely pointless.

See how Eco-Eating Can Solve All Problems

So, go to this site and read the entire reason why it will take this, read the quotes from all our best thinkers throughout history, and consider going vegan today.


Eco Child Free
after having read that Article.


Go Dairy Free With Me!

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