By living compassionately, you will benefit the world just by being you!


Everyone makes choices.
Every day, with each thing we do, choices are made, either for us, or by us.
Decisions on what products to buy, on what to eat, on what to wear, on how to live- we are dizzy with choices in modern societies today.
Did you know that, by every little choice you make, you can either help to heal the world or to destroy it?
Yes, we can choose to buy only products which are planet-friendly.
More than just recycling, we can insist on eco-packaging for our favorite products by calling the manufacturer and making our voices heard.
We can buy products which we know will not pollute, and which are, therefore, good for all the world and for our own bodies, adding a health and beauty benefit to whatever we do !

(For instance, we at Ecoize buy coffee from the website, at this link,

Why? Because this coffee has been grown organically, which means without pesticides or chemicals, and has been shade-grown, meaning that no trees were felled to create open fields in which to grow this coffee. Most commercially sold coffee was raised in empty fields where lush forests used to grow, which is unnatural for the coffee bean plant and horribly cruel for all of us - we need our trees and forests, ( See WoodFix ) - just like the precious other animal species for whom the forests and jungles are their only homes. 
Coffee traditionally grows in shady, forested areas, and by buying this eco-friendly coffee, which is healthier for our bodies, healthier for the coffee plants, and for the workers who pick it, we are also helping to save the forests, which are then allowed to remain.

Among the benefits of choosing to buy this coffee - this coffee is not carried by animals! 
Sweet little burros and other animals are made to carry heavy burdens in many agrarian areas, and we feel so good knowing that when we drink this coffee, no animals have suffered in it's production, no trees have had to die, and no people have had to be in the hot sun, laboring, and having to breathe poisonous, pesticide-laden air, so it's a win-win situation!
This is a perfect example of how we, you and I, all of us, by each and every choice we make all day long, throughout all our lives, can either benefit or harm ourselves, our o nly planetary home, and all others.

By making compassionate choices, not only will you yourself be healthier and more beautiful, stay younger and more agile, but you will have benefitted the entire planet - touching the lives of countless people and animals and wonderful places - your life will have meant something more-the world will have been better because you were in it!

So, make yourself a Blessing today! You will be a blessing on this planet and you will receive blessings by being loving and compassionate, as we are all meant to be!
Choose with your heart!
Go to this link to find lists of products which are planet-friendly

Then, throughout your day, ask - what choice can I make in this which will only benefit the planet?

In eating -
obviously, being vegan. 
Or at least beginning to make many of your meals mostly fruit or vegetables, and making at least some of your meals compassionate. See 
In remembering that in saving lives, in eating o�nly plant-foods, you are being kind to innocent animals. You will be saving your own body and health, and also saving the planet, (since the meat industries are responsible for a huge part of all pollution of the air and of the water, since to raise cattle means to kill forests, and to deny land in which to farm grain, which could efficiently feed all the world's people, if it were not instead used for grazing- and there are many other ways in which that evil industry pollutes our world)

In Wearing -
By purchasing only clothing which one knows has not been sewn in a 'sweat-shop' factory,(meaning, by unfairly compensated, enforced, or child labor), whose materials have not been hauled by burdened animals, and whose fibers are organically grown, and,by rejecting all clothing which was obtained cruelly by killing another being.

Leather alternatives are not only hip, but kind.
Only the most crass and vulgar person would wear fur, of course- See 
Fur Hag and, but by making sure all of your shoes are of mad-made materials, you will be making kindness your ultimate fashion statement !
In all purchases- by buying only compassionate products which have had no animal origins, and have not been tested on live, feeling, hurting, sweet, innocent little animals, you will be saving lives, and helping to stop the suffering of helpless beings.!

In daily living-
In using only eco products in cleaning, decorating, and in gardening, you will be helping to make your own personal environment healthy, you will be helping the whole world's environement! Http://
Remember, a natural lawn looks better ! Let a few wild plants prosper there, to feed the butterflies and birds, and to keep the air and soil and water toxin-free!

In life choices- 
Adopt only homeless pets, and make sure to neuter yours, so that the millions and millions of unwanted animals will not have to starve in the streets, be abandoned, and have to suffer and be killed in shelters any more. See

The obvious right choice is for us not to reproduce, to stay child-free, and, in cases where people feel the need to be parents, to adopt one of the millions and millions of starving and desperate children all over the world. See ChildFix. See

The girls at EcoMermaid would never consider dating a man who had cared enough for this world to get his vasectomy! Our EcoMermen are getting fixed - it's the hip thing to do! Today, men are getting smart- the palimony suits and the enforced wages-gathering has caused many young men to step up to the plate and to make sure they will not be bringing any unexpected pregnancies into being ! Much easier for men than for women, getting fixed today is non-surgical and easier than ever! It avoids the possibility of abortion, which no o�ne wants, and it's the cool thing to do!
Remember - if he wants you, let him accept you, if he wants a child, (which is rare for a man - usually they only pay lip service to the idea that he thinks most women want to hear while the reality is quite different and proven by the statistics ) - but if he does, then let him adopt one ! Or find a female who is already rearing children!
Remember - people who want a marriage or partnership have chosen a mate, not a brooder or breeder ,(with rare exceptions - read more of our articles at Eco Child Free and read ChildFix ) - two is company, three or more crowd the original mate right out of the nest, usually. Those movies and the sentamentalism surrounding the idea of having children have brought misery and death to countless children around the world, and continues to do so. This outdated concept was born in the minds of small bands of humans long ago who desperately needed more members of their troups in order to survive.
It's long past time to shed these antique notions and to face the reality of wall-to-wall faces of our own kinds who despite all, continue to think insane thoughts and to do insane actions which continue to bring far too many children into the world than the world can support - thus, thousands of babies starving every day ! If you want a child, adopt o�ne who will die otherwise !

So, think of the little fellow on the branch in the picture at top next time you make a purchase. Every decision, every choice you make , no matter how apparently trivial, affects not only our world, but his. Be kind to the little birdies, the bunnies, the whales, the monkeys. Buy only compassionate products. Be a Beauty ! Be Handsome!

Beauty is as beauty does has never been more true !
Start with your heart!
Lead with compassion, and only good will follow!

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