What we do

Our creative contribution is usually at the design stage when the building is ready for fit-outs. This stage is usually achieved when the civil work for the structure is nearing completion and you are ready to firm up the look of the interior spaces created. It is highly recommended to start early as this saves cost and time overruns.

For builder properties, the time when Possession is offered is when you should appoint an interior designer and start working on the layout options, materials and finishes, and budgeting for your space's interiors.

For self constructed properties, depending upon the construction schedule, this can be the end of structural works or even the inception of the project itself! Again, it is recommended to consult with us on a regular basis to keep track of the right time for professional commissioning of interior works.

Commercial Interiors
  1. Space Planning
  2. Turnkey Execution
  3. Branding Solutions
  4. Lighting Design
  5. Automation and CCTVs
  6. Fire and Security
Residential Interiors
  1. Space Planning
  2. Turnkey Execution
  3. Customized Furniture
  4. Home Decor
  5. Lighting Design
  6. Specialized Applications