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posted 3 Jun 2010, 02:35 by Eco Hub   [ updated 8 Jun 2010, 03:52 ]

YouGen is here to make it easy for you to improve the energy efficiency of your home, find a suitable renewable energy technology and buy with confidence. Use the site to:

Find out the truth about renewable energy from an independent source. We assess the latest research and compile information from a wide range of sources, so it’s easy for you to choose the right technology for your home. Read the tips from our Energy Experts, ask one a question and learn from other people’s comments. Help others by sharing your experience of renewable energy or recommending your supplier. Find people who have already installed the technology you’re interested in or find a local supplier to install it for you. Add information about your company, so that it will appear in search results and customers can recommend you.

Microgeneration (whether it’s a solar panel, wind turbine or biomass boiler) looks increasingly attractive as energy prices rise, climate chaos threatens, and we rely on fewer countries to supply our oil and gas. Wind, sun, and water are abundant and free sources of renewable energy. It just makes sense to use them to make your own heat and power.