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Will Ford's Electric Car Strategy Succeed?

posted 14 Jun 2010, 15:05 by Eco Hub
Ford's strategy will allow it to easily switch between making conventional gas-powered cars and a range of other, different designs: diesel-powered cars, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles. Rather than making a distinct plug-in hybrid electric vehicle model, as General Motors is doing with the Volt, which it will start selling at the end of this year, Ford plans to make a variety of electric propulsion options available on all of its top-selling cars worldwide.
"Going down the same assembly line, you can do battery electric, a plug-in hybrid, a hybrid, an efficient petrol, or an efficient diesel vehicle," says Nancy Gioia, Ford's director of global electrification. "That makes it very robust to what undoubtedly will be a volatile market for the next 10 years." Full article available at treehugger.com.