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Wildlife trees

posted 20 Oct 2010, 12:18 by Eco Hub

The Wildlife Tree Committee (WTC) of British Columbia is a multi-agency committee composed of representatives from the provincial Ministry of Forests and Range, and Ministry of Environment, the B.C. Workers’ Compensation Board, industry and labour, and public interest groups from across the province. Formed in 1985, the WTC is the advisory body acting on behalf of the three signatory agencies and representing all wildlife tree matters in British Columbia. The Wildlife Tree Committee mandate is:

"To promote the conservation of wildlife trees and associated stand-level biodiversity in a safe and operationally efficient manner, in forest, park and urban environments."

Three major objectives of the WTC are:

  • to ensure the maintenance and enhancement of wildlife trees in order to sustain the species dependent on them (about 80 species, or 15% of the province's birds, mammals and amphibians); and
  • to foster cooperation and understanding between the various interest groups.
  • to provide a wildlife/danger tree assessment procedure and appropriate training opportunities that will provide a high standard of worker safety.
  • The WTC believes that managed forests, high standards of worker safety, and maintenance of valuable habitat for wildlife tree-dependent species are mutually compatible if cooperative action is taken to integrate these goals.