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Southern Solar (UK)

posted 17 Nov 2010, 13:02 by Eco Hub   [ updated 17 Nov 2010, 13:18 ]


Southern Solar are specialists the installation of solar thermal and solar electric systems. They have built a strong reputation for delivering a high quality service to commercial, public sector and domestic clients, having successfully completed thousands of solar projects across the South of the UK.

Currently with five regional bases in Sussex, London, Bristol, Hereford and South Wales - our regional teams survey, specify, install and maintain solar systems within a 100 mile radius of each base. Southern Solar is in the process of setting up a new office in Oxford. 

"At Southern Solar we are passionate about renewable energy and the state of our world. We believe that renewable energy and energy efficiency have a big role to play in helping the UK to reduce its' dependency on fossil fuels and its' impact on the environment. We are keen to see a world that is fit for future generations to inhabit, and are actively doing our bit to help make it so.

We feel that humanity has some massive challenges ahead of it both from climate change but also from resource depletion, and the potential economic problems that will follow. Instead of being paralysed by what appear to be large and insurmountable problems we have decided to get on and make some changes - one house at a time.

Helping people across the south to understand whether renewable energy will work for them and more specifically, what renewable energy will work for them, is part of our daily work. We have always offered a range of products and systems as we find that one size does not fit all!"

Visit www.southernsolar.co.uk for more information.