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Planet Green E-waste Recycling

posted 5 Sept 2012, 23:28 by Eco Hub

Planet Green Recycling are based in Sydney, Australia and their solution to E-waste (electronic waste, such as old TVs and computers) aims to be a step towards a cleaner, greener world for everyone!

What happens to the plastic put out for recycling? Step 1 - Separation. Plastic containers are removed from the recycling stream and sorted into polymer types at the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). Step 2 - Baling and contaminant removal. Bales of different types of plastic are transported to factories for reprocessing where large contaminants are removed. Step 3 - Processing. The plastics are either shredded, chopped or ground and then washed to remove further contaminants. The plastic is melted and pushed through an extruder, a bit like an old fashioned mincer or a spaghetti maker. It is then cooled and pressed through a die and chopped or pelletised into granules. It is then ready to be made into new products. Planet Green will also issue you with a certificate to prove that your E-wast has been recycled responsibly. If you or your company are in Sydney and you're looking for a solution to your E-waste issues then why not give Planet Green Recycing a call on 1300 731 044 or visit their website planetgreenrecycling.net.au for more information.