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New South Wales Government Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme latest news letter released

posted 7 Jun 2010, 17:12 by Eco Hub   [ updated 8 Jun 2010, 03:16 ]

"On 27 April the Commonwealth Government announced that it would delay the implementation of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme until at least the end of Kyoto commitment period which finishes at the end of 2012. For some time now the NSW Government has advised that GGAS would continue until there is a national scheme introduced with similar objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  In the absence of this, GGAS will continue until 2020 and beyond...."

Download the news letter: http://www.greenhousegas.nsw.gov.au/Documents/Newsletter_Issue16_June10.pdf

More info at: http://www.greenhousegas.nsw.gov.au