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New Koala Conservation Strategy (Australia)

posted 19 Nov 2011, 19:50 by Toby Roscoe   [ updated 11 Dec 2011, 00:11 by Eco Hub ]

Gold Coast City Council is implementing a koala conservation project for the East Coomera area, in accordance with the provisions of a Scientific Purposes Permit issued by the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management. This project involves a number of immediate measures, as well as longer-term initiatives to help protect koalas and to protect and restore habitats away from areas of urban development.

Council will be preparing a citywide Koala Conservation Plan that will include programs to help inform the community about threats to our local koala population, and engage local residents in conservation efforts.

The koala is one of Australia's most loved and iconic animals. The Federal Environment Minister is currently considering whether to add the koala to the list of nationally threatened species. Koalas are already listed as vulnerable across the South East Queensland Bioregion and New South Wales.

Across Queensland, koala numbers continue to decline as a result of habitat loss and increasing threats such as dog attacks, road fatalities and disease. More info and koala links available at http://www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/t_standard2.aspx?pid=6935