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Greenfleet Australia

posted 8 Dec 2011, 21:20 by Eco Hub
Since the Greenfleet program commenced in 1997, Greenfleet have planted more than 7 million (7,000,000) native trees, across more than 400 sites, on behalf of our individual and business supporters. 
The ultimate reason for planting these trees is to create healthy forests that recapture carbon from the atmosphere. Greenfleet works to create forests in areas of environmental concern, putting back (where possible) the mix of native species that would have been present in the local area prior to land clearing.  In addition to absorbing greenhouse gases, these forests also help to: reduce salinity and erosion, improve water quality in rivers and streams, provide habitat for native wildlife and provide windbreaks and shelter for crops and livestock.

For more information see www.greenfleet.com.au