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posted 7 Jun 2010, 16:22 by Toby Roscoe   [ updated 7 Jun 2010, 16:34 ]

"Futerra is a communications agency. We do the things great agencies do; have bright ideas, captivate audiences, build energetic websites one day and grab the attention of opinion formers the next. We're very good at it.

But the real difference is that since our foundation in 2001, we’ve only ever worked on corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Sustainability, green, climate change, fair trade, ethical, CSR, eco-chic.

Lots of words for the biggest and most exciting thing happening right now. Unless you've been living on Mars you can't avoid the conversations that are currently taking place. Whether it's the biggest challenge of our lives, climate change, or the massive opportunities presented by the new 'ethical consumer', what Futerra's been doing for over eight years is hot.

Communications matter. Walking the talk is crucial, but you need to talk a bit more too. Professionalism and creativity are key to making this work. Futerra takes very seriously what we do, but serious doesn't mean dull.

Traditional and accepted messages tend to fail on this new issue. We don't want to re-invent the wheel, but in an era when car manufacturers have to totally re-think their engineering perhaps even wheels are in question. We know when a standard marketing 'product' will work, and when something totally new is needed."

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