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Energized young Cubans help resolve climate change and much, much more - you can too! - donate!

posted 10 Apr 2013, 13:58 by Eco Hub   [ updated 10 Apr 2013, 14:08 ]

EcoHub had an email yesterday from Gioel and Handy, two international citizens living in Montreal, Canada. Gioel and Handy's project is just so fantastic that we had to share it with you! They have applied for a grant for CA$24,900, but are looking to raise another CA$23,770 for linking and energizing environmental projects in Cuba.

Cuba was devastated by hurricane Sandy in 2012. Ferocious and deadly tropical hurricanes (cyclones) like hurricane Sandy are increasing in frequency, range and intensity as a result of anthropogenically induced climate change - Gioel and Handy are determined to do something about the impacts of these storms. In their words:

"Our mission is to connect Cubans working on climate change adaptation, especially youth, to help them find and share solutions to this daunting problem."

There is a great opportunity to work, right now, to leverage the great work on climate change adaptation that is happening across Cuba.  There is an opportunity not only to ignite community -and especially youth- participation in tackling this challenge, but also to create a forum that can facilitate capacity building and learning between different stakeholders, a platform that creates opportunities for best practices on climate change adaptation to be shared widely across the country. Read more about the campaign and donate here!

Also see the websites of their local partners : www.uclv.edu.cu www.cemzoc.edu.cu www.cyen.org www.teatroloselementos.cult.cu