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Bic Eco Plastic Solutions

posted 28 May 2010, 02:18 by Toby Roscoe   [ updated 31 May 2010, 15:46 by Eco Hub ]

Bic is now offering eco stationary and shaving solutions! Wheck out http://www.ecolutions.com for more details:


BIC®, as an expert in precision plastic molding, has been developing alternatives to oil-based plastics for years.  BIC® ecolutionsTM  shaver is our first step towards a greener, environmentally-friendly shave.


  • After five years of extensive research and development, BIC® identified a natural renewable material (Bioplastic) from which we were able to produce our precision shaver handle without compromising our product’s quality.
  • Bioplastic, a common name for PLA (Poly Lactic Acid), is made from corn without oil-based additives.
  • BIC® is further developing additional renewable and sustainable raw materials that can be used toward minimizing environmental impact.


  • Bio-pigments of vegetable origin give this shaver a distinct green color.


  • With its three telomer-coated blades each BIC® ecolutionsTM shaver offers up to 10 great shaves.


BIC® ecolutions products are a new line of stationery products - specifically designed using recycled materials. But, for BIC, we have long maintained a commitment to the environment - which can be seen across many of our existing products. Being light (less use of raw materials) and refillable are just a couple of the ways BIC has made a commitment to the environment.

A “Light & Long Lasting” product is a product that is fundamentally light weight and also has a very long write out. This value is evaluated by the calculation of dividing the total weight of the product by its writing length. If the resulting ratio is less than 3 g/km, the product can be called “Light & Long Lasting

 From: http://www.ecolutions.com