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Battle of the Batteries: Comparing Electric Car Range, Charge Times

posted 8 Jun 2010, 08:36 by Eco Hub   [ updated 8 Jun 2010, 08:39 ]
Your mileage will vary — that’s one of the basic truths about driving, and it’s not about to change for electric vehicles. Depending on the climate, terrain, your driving style, vehicle maintenance and other factors, you can eke out, more or less, miles per gallon of gasoline. With electric vehicles, these factors will affect how far you can drive before it’s time to plug in and juice up.

With a gas station always at hand, it’s easy not to sweat how many miles you get on a full tank of gas. But with the upcoming generation of plug-in vehicles, automakers are battling what’s commonly referred to as “range anxiety” — prospective buyers’ valid concern that they might get stuck with a fast-depleting battery without a charge point in sight. As these vehicles have progressed through the development process, some data and anecdotes have emerged about how real-world performance compares to the range promised for various models. Full article from earth2tech.com here