Eco-Butt bin

                     Versatile Disposable Ashtray


The status quo:


Car owners that smoke are unwilling to use the onboard ashtrays because of the overwhelming odors, and the inconvenience of having to remove the ashtrays for cleaning. Cigarette butts are thus just carelessly thrown out of car windows.


This littering is not only hazardous to the environment, but has initiated numerous bushfires that has led to the loss of life, and has far reaching economical repercussions.


The Eco-Butt bin aims to alleviate this problem, as it is a hygienic closed vessel that contains the odors, ash and cigarette butts, with the added convenience of being disposable.


The Eco-Butt bin consists of a vessel of which the inner volume is separated into 4 separate compartments, each with it’s own separate lid, acting as four separate ashtrays that can be closed independently.


Each compartment contains a fragrant gel that extinguishes cigarette butts when immersed in it, and absorbs odors.


Each compartment can be closed individually to contain the cigarette butts and isolate these harmful substances from the ecosystems. This also further contains bad odors.



Benefits of the Eco-Butt bin:

·         Convenient

·         Fits in cup holder or clips to on-board ashtray

·         Clips onto your golf bag

·         Can be taken with to the beach, on hiking trips or on any outdoor expedition

·         Aromatic gel that absorbs odors

·         Disposable

·         Hygienic

·         Affordable

·         Safe

·         Totally recyclable

·         Dramatically reduces cigarette butt litter

·         Isolates more than 40 cigarette butts from our eco-systems

·         Reduces the negative impact of cigarette butts on wildlife, vegetation, marine life, and minimises the risk of bushfires