For decades, reporting on oil depletion in the mainstream media has been inadequate or deceptive. Governments have displayed ignorance, denial and duplicity.



The surge in oil prices is slowly bringing about   public recognition of Peak Oil, and that its consequences for the world economy will be  profound.



For every barrel of oil we discover, we now consume three.  Oil production is already falling in 60 countries.  Total global production has been flat for 3 years while demand keeps increasing, pushing    prices beyond precedent. 



Knock-on effects have been  alarming.  Food prices and utility bills have greatly increased.  The 'easy motoring' era has abruptly ended in the U.S. 



A new convergence of views from both sides of the U.S. political spectrum provides the  chance to move rapidly forward into the renewable energy era - before a collapse of the fossil fuel economy limits our capacity to respond to the climate emergency.








Al Gore

Exit strategy from climate-energy emergency is 100% of electricity from renewable sources by 2010 

In a lucid and dynamic speech (July 2008), Al Gore spells out the dimensions of the climate-energy emergency that confronts us, and pins the tail to the fossil fuel donkey. All the technology we need is already available. Wind and solar power have broken through cost and efficiency constraints.  Rising oil prices reveal the dangerous futility of  further  reliance on fossil fuels. What we  need now is to mobilize American political and popular will, and  get behind a clear and worthwhile goal: 100% of electricity needs from renewable energy by 2010.  Like the moonshot, it can -  and must - be done. 


Boone Pickens

Peak Oil is here. The U.S. must build continental-scale wind power in the next 10 years.  

From the  opposite end of the American political spectrum comes the Texan Republican oil billionaire,  T. Boone Pickens.  He describes the consequences of American oil imports as an untenable  loss ($ 700 billion a year) that is destroying the country's economy. Peak Oil has called time on this policy failure and another solution must be found as a matter of urgency.  The vast untapped wind resources that stretch from Texas north to the Canadian border should be tapped to generate a quarter of  U.S. electricity in the next decade, liberating natural gas (now used for power generation) to replace imported petroleum as a transportation fuel.  Pickens is now building the world's largest wind farm in Texas.