If people begin to act with genuine compassion for every one, we can still protect each other and the natural environment.  This is much easier than having to adapt to the severe and incomprehensible environmental conditions projected for the future. 

At this time it is extremely important that every human being, according to his or her ability, consistently puts effort into ensuring the conservation and protection of this planet’s environment and its inhabitants. 

Morally, as beings of higher intelligence, we must care for this world. The other inhabitants of the planet—insects and so on—do not have the means to save or protect this world. Our other responsibility is to undo the serious environmental degradation that is the result of incorrect human behaviour. We have recklessly polluted the world with chemicals and nuclear waste, selfishly consuming many of its resources. Humanity must take the initiative to repair and protect this world. 
- HH Dalai Lama
Collected Statements, 2007


Protecting the Tibetan Environment

In Australia, the Dalai Lama begins by addressing  'the very nature of the Tibetan problem': the threat to the major rivers of Asia which rise in Tibet.  This has already been demonstrated vividly by unprecedented flooding in China and the Indian subcontinent, caused by rampant deforestation in Tibet. He concludes by addressing the universal threat of global warming and its implications for the Tibetan environment.



Sustainability and Hope

For an American audience, the Dalai Lama answers a question about sustainability: 'What is your advice about how to maintain hope, given the magnitude of the challenge?'