Buddhism & the Climate-Energy Crisis

Human consciousness has been the unmistakable cause  of  the climate-energy emergency.


Changing our collective consciousness requires social-spiritual our  species' ecological responsibility. 


Social-spiritual awakening will determine
the choice of survival or cataclysmic loss for us.  What is at risk is  nothing less than everything:  biodiversity, human civilization, e
ven  the human species itself. 


In this section, we offer  video clips that embody the essential meeting of human consciousness and  ecological responsibility


Jill Bolte Taylor

Jill is a neuro-anatomist who suffered a stroke, inactivating the language centre of the left hemisphere. She was able to observe, from the inside, precisely how her specific brain functions were limited or expanded by this event. In the process she discovered the deep inner peace circuitry of the right hemisphere, the biological basis of mystical experience and decided to live to tell the tale. 


David Suzuki 

Environmental biologist David Suzuki outlines the dramatic changes that are unfolding -  with personal anecdotes, breadth of scientific perspective, sobriety and clarity. The last 5 minutes is paricularly significant, , beginning with his statement:
One has no right to say it is too late. A lot of my environmental friends are saying, 'Look, Suzuki, if you look at the facts and the curves, we're not going to make it, we're going to hit the wall. I think if you feel that it is hopeless, then my answer has always been 'Then shut the hell up and get outta here. You've given up - that's fine. But get outta here. Because there's no point in telling people there's nothing that can be done.'