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Alto Malleco Model Forest

The Alto Malleco Model Forest is located in the Andes mountain range in the eastern Malleco Province of Chile, covering almost the entire Lonquimay Community and the eastern part of the Caracautin Community. Among its major forest types is the Araucaria and Lenga forest type. It also contains a large area with no vegetation (save for high steppe vegetation), where it would be possible to propose and develop specific action goals involving adjacent communities.

Among the criteria taken into account for the identification of this area as a Model Forest is the fact that it serves as a natural habitat of the Araucaria Araucana mentioned above. The fact that it is one of the few areas of the region where the original forest has been conserved is in direct opposition to the other forested areas of the region which is made up mostly of exotic species plantations. For this focus on conservation and for the potential benefit of this conservation on local tourism, the Areas Silvestres Protegidas have included the Model Forest in their listings. This area also includes the source of the Cautin watershed, part of the Imperial River basin, one of the most important in the region, in addition to the source of the Bio Bio River basin, which rises from the Galletue and Icalma lakes.

In 1983 the joint team of Areas Silvestres Protegidas (ASP), the Conquillio National Park and Alto Bío-Bío National Reserve all declared the Alto Malleco Model Forest a Biosphere Reserve on behalf of UNESCO, covering a total area of 93,833 hectares.

The Alto Malleco Model Forest's total land area is 400,000 ha, covering part of the Bio-Bio and Imperial watersheds, and consisting of six sub-watersheds (Lonquimay, Liucura, Laguna Galletue, Laguna Icalma, the Conguillío River and part of the Cautin Superior River). This landscape represents a physiographic unit, illustrative of the mountainous landscape of the region with severe weather conditions and a varied presence of natural resources in fragile and differing conditions of conservation.
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Strategic Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Araucarias del Alto Malleco Model Forest

After three years of work, the knowledge co-construcion, learning exchange with the participation of key local actors in order to promote the protection and the sustainable water management, the AAMMF has a strategic plan for adressing climate change adaptation in the territory. This document has specific actions and priorities designed together with local actors, scientifics and local teams in order to face climate change water effects on water in the territory. 

The main actions identified in this Model Forests are focused on: springs and wetland protection in the  Maillín del Traile, Pedregoso, Ñanko y Cruzaco comunities, in Lonquimay; the rainwater storage in the Quilape López community, in Curacautín; and the comunication and dissemination of good practices. 

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