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EcoAdapt shares its experience at the Third International Conference on Science and Policy Resilience and Socio-Ecological Systems in Montpellier, France

posted 13 May 2014, 09:51 by Mary Coffman   [ updated 13 May 2014, 09:51 by Marybell muñoz ajiaco ]
2014 Resilience, Adaptation, Transformation and Development, an international conference that seeks dialogue between academia and the world of development, between scientists and practitioners, between science and arts.

From May 4 to 8, 2014 , the EcoAdapt team will be participating in the International Conference on Resilience 2014, in Montpellier, France. This event is organized by a number of institutions relevant to the topic of resilience; among these, the Center for International Cooperation in Agronomic Research for Development (CIRAD for its acronym in French).

The concept of resilience (1), is understood as the ability to respond to changes without significantly altering the characteristics of structure and functionality  related to ecological dynamics and governance issues associated with specific resource systems (agro-ecosystems, fisheries, forests, grassland, marine and freshwater), ecosystems and global issues such as biodiversity conservation, urban growth, economic development, human security and welfare. This international conference aims to strengthen and explore the links between multiple experiences and views on resilience and development. The concepts of adaptation, transformation and development are central and common in various research communities, including the issue of resilience in social and ecological systems, ecological economics, environmental change and farming systems.

Beyond the academic sphere, the term resilience is increasingly used in the development community, in business and in public policy debates. The conference provides an opportunity to articulate and discuss specific paradigms, concepts, methodologies and various approaches and possible solutions related to this concept.

During this conference, the different perspectives on resilience will be presented through a series of meetings and workshops with the participation of representatives from government, international recognition, business and environmental development from different countries, trying to integrate the challenges facing social development today. It will address issues such as: development challenges from the point of view of resilience; commitments and synergies; analysis and promotion of change and transformation; knowledge and skills; development and resilience - what is it and for whom? ; and new methodologies and tools for resilience.

Meanwhile the EcoAdapt team, consisting of: Grégoire Leclerc, Raffaele Vignola, Tahía Devisscher and Abigail Fallot, will be presenting case studies related to commitments and synergies on the issue of mitigation and adaptation to climate change in land management development and empowerment of stakeholders, as well as lessons learned and challenges from community-based management from the experiences in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Panama. 

Similarly, the experience will be shared from the studies conducted under the EcoAdapt project on the analysis of socio-ecological dynamics, from the application of three complementary methods in the territory of the eastern basin in Bolivia. This space provides the opportunity to exchange knowledge and coordinate adaptation, transformation and development of the company from the current global change.

1 Walker, B., C. S. Holling, S. R. Carpenter, and A. Kinzig, (2004). Resilience, adaptability and transformability in social–ecological systems. Ecology and Society 9 (2). Disponible en:

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