Sharing experiences of Ecosystem based Adaptation from Latin America and Europe Model Forests perspective

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EcoAdapt presents its final conference in the annual meeting of the Mediterranean Model Forest Network (MMFN), MED FORUM 2015, in Palencia, Spain.  

The international conference MED FORUM 2015 will take place in Palencia, Spain, during the week of October 12 -16, 2015. The conference will convene MMFN members; strategic allies; International Model Forest Network members; and the EcoAdapt project partners. The Med Forum 2015 will also host the final EcoAdapt conference that aims to demonstrate the implementation capacities of Model Forests: focus on Ecosystem-based Adaptation.

Model Forests represent social, inclusive and participatory processes that seek the sustainable development of a territory and thus contribute to global targets related to poverty, climate change, desertification and sustainable development[1].   

In this perspective, the objectives of this event are: i) to highlight the main results and learnings of EcoAdapt experience; ii) to foster the debate and future actions for an effective management of natural resources in Latin America watersheds; iii) to identify joint actions or through cooperation networks; and iv) to begin the second phase of MMFN consolidation in order to support the sustainable management of forest in the Mediterranean Region.

This event potentially involves activities to debate and focus on Model Forest experiences in the formulation of climate change adaptation strategies for local development. Particular issues such as: South – South cooperation; Europe-LAC Cooperation; inputs to UNFCCC COP21; Policy recommendations from the EcoAdapt project experience.  Furthermore, the MMFN General Assembly and a field trip for knowing innovative experiences in NTFP’s (Non Timber Forest Products) are planned for the conference.

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