Quick-start actions aimed at climate change adaptation in three Latin-American Model Forest

posted 17 Mar 2015, 11:56 by Unknown user   [ updated 17 Mar 2015, 11:56 by Marybell muñoz ajiaco ]

EcoAdapt works through the research-action approach, focusing its actions on climate change adaptation for the water security of three Model Forests: Chiquitano in Bolivia (CHMF), Jujuy in Argentina (JMF) and Araucarias del Alto Malleco in Chile (AAMNF). Since 2012, EcoAdapt is working with a propositive approach, taking advantage of local experiences, using participative methodologies with key local actors in order to influence in local processes for water management that contribute to local development and reduce vulnerability to climate change of human populations.

With the challenge of strengthening the water governance and security at local level, EcoAdapt has developed in every Model Forest quick-start actions which are focused on these elements and simultaneously represent innovative experiences for climate change adaptation. Thus, in Jujuy (JMF), EcoAdapt is implementing a system of irrigation efficiency for horticultural production in one of the areas prioritized by local actors is implemented. In Lonquimay and Curacautín (AAMMF), EcoAdapt is working in the watershed protection through reforestation activities in order to reduce, to avoid the erosion and to preserve the water resources of this territory. In Concepcion (CHMF), the conformation of the Driving Group and its strengthening as a platform for the sustainable management of the Zapocó basin is one of the initiatives that EcoAdapt is implementing.

For more details about the construction process of these innovative initiatives, you can read the 8 and 12  editions of the DE UN VIATAZO, as well as the 3 edition Ecos del Agua that have been recently published in the section of communications of EcoAdapt  web page and Facebook.