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Policy Briefs

A policy brief aims to synthesize information analyzing and presenting policy recommendations, action proposals and approaches related to a specific issue. This tool is grounded in the premise that decision-makers or public policy-makers have limited time and require tools to help them make decisions quickly.

Policy Brief #2: Territorial Governance: Decisions for water, forests and people

The good governance of a territory is necessary to achieve the sustainability in the forest and natural resouces management. This document addresses five key elements for the sustainable management of water and forests. It also identifies policy recommendations regarding the EcoAdapt experience, project that searches for the climate change adaptation in three model forests since 2012, and financed by the European Union (Only available in Spanish). 



This document seeks to demonstrate the relationship between climate change and water and the importance of this relationship in order to adapt to climate change with an ecosystem approach. In short, adapting to climate change and improving water management are closely related and complement each other. Developing capacities for adaptation through water management requires strengthening processes and mechanisms of governance. This document contains key information of one of the project research about Socio-institutional Context of each Model Forest.

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19 May 2014, 14:05
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8 Mar 2016, 12:00
Mariela Morales,
8 Mar 2016, 12:01