EcoAdapt's Key Messages guide our communication strategy with the public and with research institutes, local communities, national and international policymakers, local and international nonprofit organizations and civil society. These messages are constantly updated based on findings from the field.

  • We encourage the critical and purposeful participation of various actors at the local level in the Model Forest territories in Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia, to co-create solutions suitable to their needs and interests that will enable them to reduce vulnerability to the effects of climate change.
  • We promote dialogue, collaboration, and coordination between the various actors in the Model Forests around the management of water as a resource of interest to all.
  • We facilitate dialogue between local and national levels to design adaptation strategies to climate change that can be recognized and validated by political institutions.
  • We share our scientific knowledge with the various local stakeholders and recognize that the connection between this knowledge and popular knowledge offers better possibilities for designing creative and innovative solutions.

EcoAdapt Communication Materials

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