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Eco-Logically is an environmental consultancy providing practical solutions to conserve biodiversity.

Based in Brighton we aim to provide a high-quality service for landowners, land-managers and those organisations involved in all aspects of land or estate management, relating to our natural environment and associated policy areas.

Bluebell wood in Sussex near Lewes


  • Environmental Assessment
  • Ecological Survey to Phase I and II level
  • NVC Survey Botanical assessment and specialist surveys
  • Woodland and Forestry planning
  • Site management and monitoring
  • Environmental Management and Management plan production
  • Habitat creation
  • Project appraisal, development, management and reporting
  • Resource estimates and funding bids


Shepherd's-needle flower - Scandix pecten-veneris_______________________________________________Adonis blue butterfly

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John Patmore
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Brighton  BN1 6GF

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3 September 2020