Ecological thinking in the 21st Century

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1     click here....  for  Map  of Brighton & Hove areas with importance for nature

2     click here....  for eco21st comments on the 'Biosphere Project'  consultation (April 2013)

          click here....  for 'Biosphere Reserve Management Strategy' comments (December 2012)

3     click here....  for eco21st comments on  Brighton and Hove Council's 'Open Spaces Consultation'  (25 October 2016)

4     click here....  for Brighton and Hove's Wildlife Forum comments on the Draft Local Biodiversity Action Plan (August 2012)

5     click here....  for eco21st comments on South Downs National Park Local Plan: Pre-Submission Consultation (November 2017)

6     Go to BSBI 'Plant Atlas'....

7     Havelock Road, Brighton.  2020  TREE SURVEY  +  MAP OF TREES  

8     Biodiversity Duty

9     Slow down and reflect, take an 'EarthPause'

10   Rediscovering our Nature Conservation Ethic

11   Living in a 'Plutocracy', no longer a Democracy

12   Book Review: 'On Extinction: How We Became Estranged from Nature’ (2012) by Melanie Challenger

13   Book Review: 'Population 10 Billion: The Coming Demographic Crisis and How To Survive It’ (2013) by Danny Dorling 

14   Book Review: ‘Peoplequake’ (2010) by Fred Pearce 

15   International Biodiversity Day 2023   22 May 2023 - Article for 'All Our Yesterdays'  BLOG. 

16   OEP Office for Environmental Protection: Annual Progress Report 2024  

17   Climate - absolute figures: Met Office Hadley Centre Central England Temperature     Mean HadCET Data:  Monthly mean  1659 to date  (csv file - to open or download)  Source =   + CLICK FOR GRAPH...