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Winnebago Heathy Families

Winnebago Healthy Families of America

We offer home visits, both prenatal and after the baby is born to all, they are designed to provide information and support for any questions and concerns you may have. We provide convenient weekly visits to your home or place of comfort. These are free of charge. 

Information we can provide you consists of :   Healthy pregnancy,  Physical changes and discomforts,  Maintaining your health,  Emotional needs,  Nutrition,  Managing stress,  Fetal growth and development,  Managing time,  Family involvement and their needs. Fathers to be, and or siblings 

Winnebago County Public Health

216 South 4th Street

Forest City, IA 50436 

Phone Number: (641)585-4763,  1-800-749-6235

Fax Number: (641)585-1788


Face book:  Winnebago County Public Health


Allison Rice RN, Coordinator of the HFA Program

Jayne Shaffer RNC, Administrator