Dec. 15, 2011

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Nov. 17, 2011

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Nov. 16, 2011

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Oct 25, 2011

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Parent Newsletter sent via Constant Contact October 25, 2011

Sept 2011

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September 2011 Newsletter sent via Constant Contact

Sept 16, 2011

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Dear ECMS Families,

Congratulations on an amazing start to the Basha’s Community Card shopping program. We have collected over $600 for August, setting a trend for collecting over $7,000 for the next 12 months. We still have plenty of cards available for only $5 at the school office. Consider offering this card to friends,
neighbors or family members who shop at Basha’s, Food City or AJ’s.

If you don’t shop at a Basha’s owned store, you can still help earn money for Esperero by linking your Safeway card to Esperero. Your Safeway card must be linked annually to the school of your choice and the deadline is November 1st. Don’t let your shopping dollars go to waste, link them to Esperero and help the school meet the needs of our students.

The goal for the Magazine Drive is $30,000 and if we reach this goal Mr. Grobe has offered to shave his head. We have great prizes and privileges for the students, the winning class and the winning grade level. Simply click on the website and renew your subscriptions NOW! American Publishing is offering several electronic versions of magazines, so go online and check out the new products.

Important Dates:

• Deadline for turning in Magazine sales for prizes is Friday, September 23rd.
• Book Fair Monday, September 26th – Friday, September 30th
• Fall Dinner is Tuesday, September 27th from 5:00 – 6:30
• Picture Retakes September 27th.

Trish McCabe and Cynthia Nocon
ECMS FFO CO‐Presidents

Important Dates

Friday, September 23
- Magazine Drive Ends

Monday, September 26
- Book Fair Begins

Tuesday, September 27
- Picture Remake Day for Those Students Who Did Not Get Pictures Taken at Schedule Distribution
- CFSD Governing Board Meeting, 6:30PM, CFHS
- Fall Family Dinner, 5:00-6:30PM

Wednesday, September 28
- Late Start, 9:30AM
- CFSD Governing Board Meeting, 6:30PM, CFHS, Friday,  September 30
- Book Fair Ends

Encore Rotation Day Schedule

Mon.     Sep 19    Day A
Tues.    Sep 20    Day B
Wed.     Sep 21    Day A
Thurs.    Sep 22    Day B
Fri.        Sep 23    Day A
Mon.     Sep 26    Day B
Tues.    Sep 27    Day A
Wed.    Sep 28    Day B
Thurs.   Sep 29    Day A
Fri.       Sep 30    Day B

Sept 2, 2011

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Dear Fellow Parents,

We’d like to extend a very special thank you to the many parent volunteers who helped to make this year’s schedule distribution process a huge success. The goal of this process is to quickly and accurately collect information from families and distribute student information. This entire event is organized and staffed 100% by parent volunteers. We are extremely grateful for all their hard work.

Thank you to the families who generously donated $10,000 to ECMS FFO during our “Direct Donation” campaign. Your donation helps fund teacher classroom expenses, academic contests, staff development, and grants/projects to name a few. Families can continue to give a “Tax Deductible” contribution to the ECMS FFO.
This Bashas’ Community Card is a re-loadable gift card; it cost you nothing and takes only minutes to recharge. Please use this card to pay for your groceries at any Bashas’, AJ’s, and Food City stores. Each time you refill your ECMS FFO linked card with money for groceries, our FFO receives 6% from Bashas’. Additional cards are available at the office for sale.

The ECMS FFO is a non-profit 501(c)(3), so all direct donations are tax-deductible (EIN 86-0652002).

Respectfully Yours,
Trish McCabe and Cynthia Nocon
ECMS FFO Co-Presidents

FFO Annual Meeting Schedule
August 25 1:00 pm
November 17 1:00pm
January 19 1:00pm
April 19 1:00pm

Additional meetings, if needed, will be announced via the School Express

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