ER Timeline/Zainichi History

(work in progress)

1905    Korea becomes protectorate of Japan

1910    Korea officially becomes annexed to Japan

1919    Anticolonial leaders gather in Tokyo to draft the independence statement
           March First Independence Movement

1923    The Great Kanto Earthquake and massacre of Koreans in the aftermath

1945    Korea becomes "liberated"

1946    The first Korean schools in Japan are established

1948    The Republic of Korea (south Korea) and the Democratic People's Republic of                 Korea are established
           Korean schools are met with violent oppression by the occupying Allied Forces                 and the Japanese government (Hanshin Kyōiku Tōsō)

1950    Korean War begins

1953    Korean Armistice Agreement puts the war to a halt

2008    Eclipse Rising is founded
           Two members visit the DPRK

2009    ER organizes the first quarterly Zainichi film screening series in the Bay Area
           ER organizes the first LA Solidarity Tour to meet with LA Zainichi no Kai

2010    ER organizes the first Japan Education and Solidarity Tour

2011    ER and Japan Pacific Resource Network co-found Japan Multicultural Relief Fund             (JMRF)