Educational Resources

This briefly explains some of the terms related the "minorities" in Japan. [Download materials!]

You Know You're Zainichi Korean When...
This is a list of various "Zainichi moments" as a tool for us to help connect us and recognize the similarity and diversity of our life experiences as an unique social group. The goal of our discussion here is not to typify who is Zainichi and who isn't, but to challenge the dominant idea of authenticity and to broaden our perspectives about who we are.

A fun and educational icebreaker!

Japanese Privilege Checklist

As Peggy McIntosh eloquently points out, we all carry invisible knapsacks of privilege on our backs, often without even knowing. This checklist helps you recognize what privileges you may have as Japanese citizens.

Zainichi Karuta
Work in progress...coming soon!

Zainichi Koreans: Replanting Our Roots by Kei Fischer and Kyung Hee Ha
A Chapter and study guide questions from Koreans in America, Edited by Grace Yoo.