-Study group

-Community film screening

-Invited lectures at colleges and universities, as well as prison

-Zainichi studies workbook (in progress)

Coalition Building

-Collaborative work: LA Tour 2009: we visited the LA Zainichi no Kai to discuss what is at stake in the Zainichi Communities in the US

-Japan Solidarity Tour 2010: we sent a delegation to various grassroots social justice organizations in Japan

-Japan Multicultural Relief Fund: we co-founded a fund with Japan Pacific Resource Network to directly support those who have less access to resources in the relief, recovery and reconstruction processes after disasters

-Participating in and supporting the Korea Education and Exposure Programs (KEEP), organized by the NYC-based Korean American community organization Nodutdol, to send delegations to North and South Koreas

-Panel presentations at various academic conferences

-Scholarly publications

-Peace Treaty to end the Korean War

-Protesting the US Naval base construction in Jeju

...and much more!