Links to the 3.55 Jailbreak


How to Jailbreak PlayStation 3 on 3.55

(NOTE: Must already be on OFW 3.55)

1. Copy PS3 folder to a USB.
2. On PS3, Go to Network Settings and DISABLE Internet Connection.
3. Plug in USB and go to System Update> via Storage Media
4. Select OK
5. After installation, turn PS3 back on and you should have an *Install Package Files folder under GAME
6. (optional) Select Install Package Files and install the test.pkg. you should see the image above.
7. You can now ENABLE Internet connection. PSN works with no problems. This is the first step. Within a few days or weeks there should be Homebrew apps such as Emulators and what not to enjoy. Backups do not work as of yet but def in the near future.

Big thanks to Geohot for making all of this possible