Outsourced Crap

email I sent to friend regarding recent call to my ISP to verify information 

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Ok for a small history of my internet connection.

First we had Alltel which we are both aware of and dealt with during
Volaris days with uplinks and stuff. Anyhow when I first got DSL it
was with Alltel they offered DSL Lite at 758k down / 256k up  then DSL
at 1.5 meg down / 384k up then DSL Ultra at 3 meg down / 512k up. I
went with the DSL package at 1.5 meg down / 384k up for 29.95 per

Now fastforward....Windstream bought out Alltel and the same speeds
existed for about a year. Now recently Windstream has upgraded their
CO's and my area can now have ADSL2:

for quick overview of ADSL2:
         [ADSL2+ extends the capability of basic ADSL by doubling the
number of downstream bits. The data rates can be as high as 24
Mbit/s downstream and 1.4 Mbit/s upstream depending on the distance
from the DSLAM to the customer's home.
ADSL2+ is capable of doubling the frequency band of typical ADSL
connections from 1.1 MHz to 2.2 MHz. This doubles the downstream data
rates of the previous ADSL2 standard of up to 12 Mbit/s, but like the
previous standards will degrade from its peak bitrate after a certain

Ok now Windstream is advertising 3 speed packages. 3 megabit down /
512k up then 6 megabit / 512k up and 12 megabit / 1 megabit up. Now
according to their website the 3 megabit / 512k up speed is 4 pennies
higher than what I've been currently paying.
Currently 1.5 meg / 384k - 29.95
Upgraded 3 meg / 512k - 29.99

So I called to have my speed increased since I am pretty much paying
the same damn price at the moment anyhow. Now trying to explain this
to india is IMPOSSIBLE. And I find it disgusting that speaking to this
indian who refers to himself as Johnny I have to laugh at the attempt
at using an American style name to try and cover up the fact that I am
speaking to ANOTHER COUNTRY. So I go over this many many times and
they think Im wanting new service, or they don't understand since I
already have service, etc. So I ask to speak to a supervisor which
also happens to be in India and I am not lying this is the

Me - "Yes I would like to have my broadband speed reprovisioned to the
3 megabit service that you are advertising for 29.99 since I am
currently paying 29.95 for the 1.5 megabit service so this should
technically be a free upgrade anyhow with a difference of 4 cents so
lets go ahead and get this started.

Indian Supervisor - " Ok...uhm, have you rebooted your modem and your
pc? if so double click the blue E..."

Me interupts - "Whoa wait a second I do not need technical support"
(where I repeat pretty much what I originally said but this time in
terms a 2nd grader could understand.

Indian Supervisor - "Sir, you need to reboot your modem so we can make
sure your connection is working correctly"

Me - "Ok can you please quit reading your script and listen to me and
what I am asking, actually I change my mind I would like to speak to
an American right now please, transfer me I will hold"

Indian Supervisor - "Sir I am a supervisor and can help you with your
service, just do what I ask there is no need to be racist"

Me fuming and redneck coming out now - "Listen here it's not called
racism you ignorant fuck, it's called PATRIOTISM, I want to speak to

Indian Supervisor - "Hold please"

hold music playing born to be wild (how ironic)

Chuck answers the phone - "Hi this is Chuck with windstream can I help
ya?"  <- OMG AMERICAN 


 I explain everything I went thru plus hold times between the original
call while waiting on his supervisor and at this time I've been on the
phone now 1 hour 5 mins. Chuck profusely apologizes and sympathizes
with my aggravation and I explain that I've lost job due to Indian
outsourcing (Directv Sattelite). And I give a quick spiel about reason
our economy is fucked is cause we are paying all other countries but
our own so our poor gets poorer, sicker, death rate rises among the
poor due to lack of insurance while we pay these assholes overseas
blahblah so after about 2 mins of my rant I apologize for getting on a
soapbox and the call goes like this pretty much

Chuck - "So.. I see you are on the old Alltel dsl 1.5meg/384k up, and
what model is your modem?"
Me -"Speedstream 5200 bridge-router"
Chuck - "Ok we need to send you out a new modem since that modem does
not support ADSL2 and can't upgrade it's firmware"
Me - "ok any charge for new modem?"
Chuck -"nope, since it's mandatory then there is no charge, if it was
new service then there would be a 50 dollar charge but not in this
Me - "Ok so Im able to to be upgraded with no extra charges?"
Chuck -"Yep no problem, You will be scheduled to be moved to a new PIN
on September 29th, so you can continue using your current modem until
then, if you do notice your connection drop and your modem cannot
re-sync then plug in the new modem and set it up and it should be
ready to go, if not call us back (gave me an number to the american
callcenter directly)
Me - "You know this was fast, if yall would get rid of India you
wouldn't have complaints and crap on dslreports.com about your tech
Chuck - "Yes we hear that a lot, and if you would like I can forward a
complaint to the company for you regarding the outsourced callcenter
sales and techsupport depts."
Me - "That would be great, there is no reason I should jump through so
many hoops of incompetence to get simple answers"

Anyhow so all that crap and headaches and bullshit to go through when
I was on the line with Chuck the entire upgrade process and
explanation took about 5 - 8 minutes and we were done and I was set.

Now I get to cross fingers there won't be any fuckups on the 29th when
they move me to another PIN on the DSLAM.

Also I did find out thanks to Chuck who is taking all the callcenter
jobs that's going on. It's a company called WIPRO Technologies in
India they answer phones for many many companies that's why they are
incompetent cause 1 person will answer the phone for several
companies. So it's not 1 windstream callcenter in India or 1 walmart
callcenter... 1 company answers for ALL of them at same time.

here they are on wikipedia

the scary part is

[Wipro Technologies has over 300 customers across U.S., Europe and
Japan including 50 of the Fortune 500 companies. Some of its customers
are Nortel, Boeing, BP, Cisco, Ericsson, IBM, Microsoft, Prudential,
Seagate, Sony, HP, Windriver, Airbus, Toshiba, Windstream
Communications, Dun and Bradstreet and Wal-MartSome of Wipro's clients
in the middle east also include state companies Sharjah Electricity
and Water Authority, Metal, Dubai eGovernment, Qatar Petroleum,
Bahraini Saudi Bank, Future Communications Company, Kuwait, Doha Bank,
PetroRabigh, SASREF and Saudi Polyolefins Company. It is listed on the
New York Stock Exchange and is part of its TMT (technology media
telecom) index testing]