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Cat's In The Cradle - The song. No, not THAT one - THIS one: "Ther'es a cat in the kettle at the Peking Moon, The place that I eat every day at noon, They can feed you cat and you'll never know, Once they wrap it up in dough boys, They fry it real crisp in dough!  **.wav file ** Way too funny! Right click the link above and choose "Save link as"


Eclectic Universe now has it's own TOOLBAR!

 Download it from  It's easy and fast to download and install and can be UNinstalled just as easily. It's all about our Eclectic Universe with a custom search, google gadgets, and more - all to help you keep in the circle of the Eclectic Universe community. Go ahead, try it just for the fun of it! You can always get rid of it entirely anytime with ease. Please NOTE: The EU Toolbar will be improved from time to time, so check back for new versions often.


Click on any of the links below to download that item from here!

Small apps writen by me: [Note that these are just my first unambitious attempts at programming using Visual Basic. They are nothing special really,... yet. I will continue to develop these and others and will post them here as the opportunity presents itself. But feel free to try them out and give me feedback!]

Hey, they're Free! You have nothing to lose except some of your free time. :-)

Disclaimer:  I've tested these programs on my own machines running Win ME and Win XP, but I make no warranties regarding them whatsoever and will not be held responsible for anything that happens as a result of downloading and running these programs! Not that anything will, mind you.

WordGuess:  simple word guessing game. The computer thinks of a word and gives you certain clues. Note that the first time you run this, you will get an error that notifies you that the program must first create a new word file from which to pick random words.

TempConvert:  simple temperature converting program. You can convert between Fahrenheit, Celsius/Centigrade, and Kelvin degrees. You can also display or print a conversion table.

AND, FOR YOU OLD DOS LOVERS OUT THERE: The following programs were written in Turbo Pascal for DOS systems - you remember the old days, don't ya? Most of them should still work fine on Windows platforms although I haven't tested them extensively on Win XP.

MazeMaker:  I still Love this one, even if I do say so myself. It simply lets you create random mazes of various sizes. You can print them out too!

PowerPill:  This is a graphical arcade game using only keyboard controls. Eat up all the power pills for fuel and points before the bad guys get you. Collect a couple of weapons to fight back with and leave NukePoo to stymie them. Beware! This program doesn't seem to like some very few systems that don't allow direct control of video memory.

MagicSquare:  Learn to make arithmetic magic squares where all the rows, columns and diagonals add to the same sum. Making these squares is easy once you know the secret!

 WordSearch:  Create word search puzzles. Quite functional! You define the dimensions and the words to include and the computer does the work. Or, you can place each word yourself.

Euchre:  It's just you against the computer. Simple game of Euchre that actually plays fairly decently against you!


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