What is E-Class Ventures?

What aspects of wellness do we address? When do you feel your best: when you look good, are healthy & fit, and are in a pleasing environment doing something you enjoy. So we highlight the people, businesses, places, things, and events that can help you achieve the level of wellness you desire.

 The first region highlighted by E-Class Ventures is Jacksonville, FL.

  • Looking for the local spas, salons & businesses that will help you look good? Find it in the Fashion Forum along with fashion tips from the pros. You can even post a few of your own beauty & fashion tips.
  • ECV sounds off on things designed to keep your body feeling good on the Health & Fitness page.
  •  Take a look at our Networking Portfolio and Blog

E-Class Ventures has a number of related sites for products that we personally enjoy and recommend. Check out some of the sites below.
www.marykay.com/msmarie803/ (site is temporarily down)

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