ComicLife in Education

 Comic Life

               Creative Projects Featuring ComicLife

There are many ways to use Comic Life as part of the curriculum.  It is fun and easy to use by both teachers and students.  Educators and students can bring education and learning to life by using photos and pictures from the internet or I Photo, and creating colorful graphic organizers, charts, comic strips and so much more.  

Educators can also create student workbooks and/or fun books containing learning games for a unit of study by creating several activities in the ComicLife application, and printing them together as a PDF under the file menu.   These workbooks can be posted to a website for easy access by students via a laptop or mobile device in the classroom or at home.

Useful activities that can be made from Comic Life include:

Graphic organizers





comic strips with dialogue

diagramming events

establishing timelines




learning games

photo books and yearbooks

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