Yes, this place is home, home to my thoughts, tensions and theory.  Dumbledore had his pensive to organize his memories, and it's true, sometimes it helps to write the chaos down, get it out of your head.  This is where I've vented the parts of my mind that seem harmless enough for public exposure.
    In truth, this place is home to the loudest of my mental voices, of Jacob Corner, of James Millerson, of Santiago Esquina.  Jacob Corner dominates with his mastery of rhetoric and argument, he is the fantasy writer. James Millerson, the hopeless romantic, is the sad inspiration for much of Jacob's writing.  He has never been able to forget a love that once was.  Santiago's power has faded.  The artist, as time and fascination for sketching declines, he wanes to little more than a voice.
    Short Stories

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