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Parent Letter

Supplies Required:  Students will need the following supplies daily- 



Colored pen for self-assessing





I am requiring that each student has a 3-ring binder with section dividers, and 3-hole punched lined paper.  These sections will be:


            The binders will be part of their grade in this class.  If this is a problem for you, please see me.  (I was able to obtain a binder, paper and dividers for under $3.  Dividers do not need to be fancy, and could just be a piece of construction paper.

Student grades will be determined by portfolio scores and assessment scores.  The scores on assessments will comprise 70% of their overall grade.  Daily assignments and periodic binder checks represent 20% of the grade, and Problem of the Weeks will round out the other 10%. 

The following scale will be used for letter grades-  

A- 90%-100%, B- 80%-89%, C- 70%-79%, D- 60%-69%, and F- below 60%

Absences:  If a student is absent, if is the student’s responsibility to come to conference upon returning to school in order to find out what they missed. Late assignments from excused absences should be completed within one week. Please be sure you are aware of the TUSD Attendance Policy.

Tardies:  Students are expected to be in class on time. If a student is not in their seat by the time the bell rings, the student will be marked Tardy. Any student marked tardy three times will receive detention.  Future detentions will be assigned in accordance with the Tucson High Tardy Policy. Detention is assigned by the liaison and is usually during lunch.  Students are expected to enter class quietly and sign in if they are tardy.  Students are expected to take responsibility for work missed due to tardiness.

Tutoring:   Anytime a student misses a class, or is confused with the concepts, s/he should attend a conference period provided. All conference hours are held in room T-269. 
Conference Periods:  If you have been instructed by me to attend a conference period, you are required to be there! Failure to show may result in disciplinary action.