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 EHMS Presents:

Friday, January 26th  6:30pm


Saturday, January 27th 6:30pm

at the Ecker Hill Auditorium

  Runtime ~ 1 hour.

Admission is $5 at the door


Kindness Week

Starts April 16!

More Details Coming Soon!


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Ecker Directory App

We are excited to announce that the 
Directory App is available to PTO members! 
Search DirectorySpot and download it for free from the App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android users), or you
can also access the data from the web.  If you used it last
year, you don't need to do anything.

 For Smartphone Users:
     Download the DirectorySpot app by going to your app
store and searching "DirectorySpot" or by clicking on the link here:
Android - http://goo.gl/iBK9lY
    Launch DirectorySpot, enter your email address as your Username, and click on "Reset Password."
    Click on the link in your email to set your password,
relaunch the DirectorySpot app, and login with your
username and password.

For Tablet, Mac, or PC Users:
    Go to directoryspot.net and click on "Login" in the upper
right hand corner.
    Enter your email address as your Username, and click on
"Reset Password."    An email will be sent to you with a link
to set your password. Click on the link in your email to set
your password and login.

    Note – if downloading to an iPad, just search for
“iPhone apps” and you will find DirectorySpot.

     Make sure to check out all the features, such as the auto
dial when you click on a phone number, or the auto launching
of maps when you click on an address.  If you hold down
the cell phone number, you will get an option to send a text
or call the number (iPhone only).  DirectorySpot will even
create an email if you click on someone's email address.     

     Please let me know if you have any questions and hope
you find it useful!!   If you have any data changes throughout
the year, please contact Christie Worthington at farbington1@gmail.com and 
 will update it on the App.  
You can also update your own data throughout the year.

    Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.


Have a question?
Send an email to our President Christie Worthington at Eckerpto@gmail.com

Career Compass Event
February 12,2018
5:00-7:00 pm at PCHS
For Grades 6-11
Presenting Danny Fisher
CTE Career Planning
and Education paths
General and Breakout Sessions
This event will take the place of
8th Grade Orientation at
Treasure Mountain Junior High
so it is important for 7th graders to attend

One Book • One School
Featuring  Utah Authors
Unique short stories featuring adventure and fantasy about real Utah kids battling cancer. Vibrant photographs throughout.

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Our Schools Now
a Ballot Initiative

Hello Friends and Caring Park City Community,  

    I am hoping you might want to help or pass this along
to someone who might be interested?
    Instead of talking about Utah's pathetic per-pupil spending, I have decided to help in the statewide effort
to make a change.
    A group called Our Schools Now is trying to get an initiative on the 2018 ballot to increase per-pupil
spending.  I am looking for parent volunteers to help
in coordinating collecting signatures for their school. 
In addition to parents, I am also seeking community members to help.  Setting up tables at Back to School
Night, Parent/teacher conferences, Smith's etc. and coordinating with Principals will be the primary job
if you want to organize for your school.   
     Community members can gather at your
community events.  
     The drive will take place in August/September.
The Plan:

     Our Schools Now is an initiative to give Utah voters the opportunity to participate in the critical questions of how we are to invest in the continued improvement of our schools.

This initiative would allow Utahns to vote on a ballot measure to increase the state income tax and invest the increase in educational performance improvement.

Our Schools Now:

  • Calls for a 1/2 of 1 percent (.005) increase to the state sales tax and a 1/2 of 1 percent increase to the state personal income tax, which would total $700 million
  • Provides each Utah school nearly $1000 per enrolled student
  • Requires all funding to be spent in ways that increase student learning
  • Distributes:
    • 85% to K-12 education
    • 15% to higher education
  • Improves student learning by awarding money once school goals are reached
  • Empowers local communities to make funding decisions that are best for students of that area
  • Prepares students for tomorrow’s world by providing a high-quality education
    More information about the initiative can be found at: https://ourschoolsnow.com/ 
     If this initiative gets on the 2018 ballot and voted in based on student enrollment per year, it works out to be about $1000 per student paid directly to the school and cannot be redistributed in other ways based on the wording of the initiative. 
   This initiative started about 5 years ago by Utah business/community leaders.   

Scott Anderson, President & CEO, Zions Bank

Ron Jibson, Retired Chairman & CEO, Questar

Gail Miller, Owner, Larry H. Miller Group of Companies

Check out all business/community groups supporters

It is impressive! 

If you are interested in helping, please let me know.
Christie Worthington
President District PTO PCSD