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The Netherlands

Reaching the Netherlands

The Netherlands is easily reachable from virtually any country in the world through its main international transport hub: Schiphol Airport, which is located just outside of Amsterdam (and only 30 minutes from Utrecht by train). For visitors from neighboring countries it is also possible to travel over land, either by train (Thalys from France & Belgium, ICE from Germany), or by car (plan your trip using Google Maps).

Getting to Utrecht

From Schiphol Airport it is a short 30 minute train ride to Utrecht Central Station. The train platform is located right underneath Schiphol Plaza. Trains run every 15 minutes. Train tickets (OV-Chipkaart, read below, approx.€8,- one-way) can be bought from the yellow 'NS' ticket machines (see picture). These are located near the platforms, as well as in the baggage collection area. Utrecht Central Station is also easily reachable from any other city in the Netherlands. For an up-to-date train schedule, please visit the NS JourneyPlanner.

The Netherlands also has a comprehensive network of regional and local buses. To plan a bus journey, please visit the general public transit planner

Public Transit Tickets

All public transit companies in the Netherlands use a single contactless smart card payment system: the 'OV-Chipkaart'. (OV stands for Openbaar Vervoer, which means Public Transit in Dutch). You can either buy a disposable OV-Chipkaart, suitable for a single journey or for a limited period of time, or you can buy an 'Anonymous OV-Chipkaart', which can hold a balance and can be reloaded. You can buy both of these cards at NS Ticket vending machines, convenience stores, or any counter of a public transit company. 

To use OV-Chipkaart in the train, you swipe your card along one of the OV-Chipkaart devices located along the entrance of the train station and/or the train platform. When you have arrived at your destination, swipe your card again to check out. To use OV-Chipkaart in a Bus, you can check in and out at the entrance and exit of the bus. contains more information regarding the OV-Chipkaart.

In your conference bag there will be a Public Transport ticket that will give you free access to the buses in Utrecht from June 5 to June 8.

The map below shows Schiphol Airport, Utrecht Central Train Station, and the Utrecht University campus


NS Ticket Vending Machine