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The city of Utrecht

Getting around Utrecht

Within the city of Utrecht, there are several options for getting around. The most convenient way to travel within the city is either by foot, bicycle or by bus. Busses in Utrecht are operated by GVU and Connexion. They run frequently and operate daily between approximately 6am until just after midnight.

Please note that you will receive a bus pass in your conference bag that gives you free access to the buses in Utrecht during the conference from Wednesday June 5 to Saturday June 8.

Conference Location

The conference will take place on 'De Uithof', the university campus located on the east side of the city. From the city center there are several bus services that connect to the Uithof. The most convenient lines to De Uithof are Bus 11 and Bus 12 that go back and forth from Utrecht Central Station to De Uithof. On working days these busses run extremely frequent. 
Bus 11 (timetable and routemap) runs straight through the city center, and has stops at De Neude, Janskerkhof, Stadsschouwburg and Biltstraat. Bus 12 (timetable and routemap) runs from the Central Station around the city center, and therefore is a bit faster. For more information regarding which bus to take from your hotel to De Uithof, please check the Journey Planner

Participants traveling by car can find directions here. Please note that parking space is limited, and therefore we advice to consider public transit. The address of the conference venue is:

Leuvenlaan 19
3584 CE Utrecht

Parking spaces are marked on this map.

Please note that the Opening Reception and the Conference dinner take place in the city center of Utrecht.

Workshop Location

The workshops will take place in University Hall (Academie gebouw), in the center of Utrecht. From Central station there are several bus services that head in the direction of the University Hall. The most convenient line is Bus 2, which departs every 15 minutes and takes right to the University Hall. Another option is taking Bus 11, which departs every few minutes to the stop Janskerkhof. From here it is a 5 minute walk to the University Hall (route). For more information regarding which bus to take from your hotel to De Uithof, please check the Journey Planner.

Participants traveling by car can create directions here, from here take the following route to the University Hall. Please note that parking space is limited and located in a busy section of the inner city of Utrecht, and therefor we advice to consider public transit. The address of the conference venue (where all sessions and panels take place) is:

Domplein 29
3512 JE Utrecht

Public Transit Tickets

All public transit companies in the Netherlands use a single contactless smart card payment system: the 'OV-Chipkaart'. (OV stands for Openbaar Vervoer, which means Public Transit in Dutch). You can either buy a disposable OV-Chipkaart, suitable for a single journey or for a limited period of time, or you can buy an 'Anonymous OV-Chipkaart', which can hold a balance and can be reloaded. You can buy both of these cards at NS Ticket vending machines, convenience stores, or any counter of a public transit company.To use OV-Chipkaart in a Bus, you can check in and out at the entrance and exit of the bus. contains more information regarding the OV-Chipkaart.


Another option to get around the city is by Taxi. Taxis are clean, safe and convenient, however Dutch taxis are not cheap. Expect to pay about €10-15 for short distances in and around the city. All taxis are metered. Taxis are recognizable by their blue license plates and, commonly, a sign with the word 'TAXI' on their roof. You can get a taxi on the taxi stand at Utrecht Central Station, or by ordering one by phone.

Some of the taxi companies in Utrecht:
  • UTC - +31(0)30 2 300 400
  • SUTAX - +31(0)30 266 1313

Bicycle (just like the locals!)

Utrecht, like every other Dutch city, is best travelled by bicycle. Cycling in the Netherlands is easy and safe. Most streets have dedicated bicycle paths or lanes (usually colored red, and/or marked by a bicycle sign). Furthermore, the Netherlands is flat with no hills or mountains so cycling is easy.

You can rent a bicycle for €8,- per day from Fietspunt (Nobelstraat 293, Utrecht Tel: +31(0)30-2300849, note: first page of leaflet is in Dutch, but the second page is written in both English and Dutch). To plan your bicycle routes, use Google Maps.