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Track26: Teaching Cases

Track Chairs

Chris Sauer, University of Oxford, United Kingdom,
Leslie Willcocks, London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom,


The IS discipline is well known for its use of cases in teaching, and indeed the leading conferences, including ECIS,  have regularly included refereed teaching case tracks going back to 1997. The purpose of this track is to present and discuss teaching cases ready to be used in the classroom. We are interested in teaching cases that address a variety of issues related to the IS field from different angles including the development, management and use of information systems and technologies in business, government and non-profit contexts. We anticipate that cases will include the wider organizational, strategic, management and social issues, as well as technical issues. Teaching cases may be original, or may be re-purposed from published research.

The following offers guidelines (but see also the Submissions page for further guidelines), but please inquire before submission if your case does not fit this proforma e.g a shorter case or unusual subject. A teaching case is usually 4.000-8.000 words in length (e.g., shorter cases for undergraduate teaching or longer for postgraduate and MBA), has illustrations, and quotes where appropriate,  and is based on real life circumstances. Aspects of the case may be anonymized where information is particularly sensitive, and would hinder publication otherwise. The teaching case can be based on primary research, but also on secondary sources. We are looking for cases that are up-to-date, though they may also include the history of how the organization, or events reached their present point. A teaching case should be written to promote discussion of the issues raised, setting out problem areas, giving enough history and detail, and raising questions at the end. The teaching case should be as complete in itself as possible, and be written and presented attractively.
Submission should be of the Teaching Case itself, and in a separate document a Teaching Note for the case indicating guidance for teachers including objectives, who to use it with, suggested questions, and guidelines on answers and further reading. For examples of teaching cases look at proceedings of the International Conference of Information Systems and also in The JIT Teaching Cases electronic journal

Cases will  also  be considered for further development and publication in the  Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases (JITTC), edited by Leslie Willcocks of LSE and Chris Sauer of University of Oxford.

Topics of interest

  • Strategic IS
  • IS development
  • Knowledge and IT
  • Business process Re-engineering
  • Sourcing and offshoring IT
  • ERP
  • Cloud computing
  • Social networking
  • Mobile technologies
  • Global IS
  • Business analytics
  • Big data

Associate Editors

Sid Huff - Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Julia Kotlarsky - Aston University, United Kingdom
Ron Babin - Ryerson University, Canada
Ilan Oshri, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Graeme Shanks, University of Melbourne, Australia
Robert Plant, University of Miami, USA
Joseph W. Rottman, University of Missouri, USA