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Trading Flowers Beyond Borders

Keynote 2 - Friday, June 7 - 13:00-14:00h

Rens Buchwaldt
Chief Operating Officer

FloraHolland is the global leader in trading flowers and plants. Its cooperative structure of 5,000 growers allows them to connect to 2,350 buyers around the globe via online auction and brokerage markets. In the auction markets 38 high speed auctions occur simultaneously and roughly 125,000 transactions take place every day. The commercial, logistical, and financial challenges are discussed including the role of digitalization and virtualization in the transformation of these markets.

The speaker, Rens Buchwaldt, commenced his career with the FloraHolland auction organization on 18 September 2006. He is currently the COO, responsible for the auction operations, logistics and commercial services. Prior to the merger of FloraHolland and Aalsmeer he served as the Director of Finance for the Aalsmeer auction location. During this time his portfolio of management responsibilities included Finance, Property (real estate), Facilities Management and ICT. 

Rens Buchwaldt has had extensive international experience with both listed companies and private equity financed companies. He has been actively involved in a financial capacity with a variety of ICT companies (including NCR, Bell & Howell and IconMedialab) and also in positions involving general management with particular focus on (strategic) planning and development. Before working at Ahrend Mr Buchwaldt had lived and worked abroad for a considerable period during which time he was responsible for commercial activities in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa and regions of Asia.