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Best paper nominations

At ECIS there is every year a Best Paper award for the Best Paper at the conference and the Ciborra award, in remembrance of Claudio Ciborra, for the most innovative paper. This year we also introduce the Research in Progress Best Paper category for the best Research in Progress paper. There are three nominations in each category that have been proposed by track chairs to the program committee who then reduced it to a short list of three papers (in each category). During the conference dinner the award winners have been announced and received the much wanted Best Paper certificate and a prize. All other nominated papers also received a prize to thank them for their efforts of writing good and interesting papers.

Best Paper Nominations: Completed Research

Winner: IT project prioritization process: the interplay of evidence and judgment devices
Arisa Shollo, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Ioanna Constantiou, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Paper no. 357
Session ITP-3

Exploring affordances of Facebook as a social media platform in political campaigning
Tina Blegind Jensen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Signe Dyrby, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Paper no. 331
Session EPS-1

Cloud services certifications: measuring consumers' preferences for assurances
Jens Lansing, University of Cologne, Germany; Stephan Schneider, University of Cologne, Germany and Ali Sunyaev, University of Cologne, Germany
Paper no. 621
Session CCS-2

Ciborra Award Nominations

Winner: The value of users’ Facebook profile data: generating product recommendations for online social shopping sites
Jörg Gottschlich, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany; Irina Heimbach, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany and Oliver Hinz, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
Paper no. 398
Session PDM-1

Achieving IT diffusion within the fragments: an IT culture perspective
Mumin Abubakre, Loughborough University, United Kingdom; M.N. Ravishankar , Loughborough University, United Kingdom and Crispin Coombs, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Paper no. 972
Session IAD-5

Is more information better than less? Understanding the impact of demand response mechanisms in energy markets
Stefan Feuerriegel, University of Freiburg, Germany; Philipp Bodenbenner, University of Freiburg, Germany and Dirk Neumann, University of Freiburg, Germany
Paper no. 844
Session GIS-2

Best Paper nominations: Research in Progress

Winner: Supporting cross border emergency management decision-making
Karen Neville , University College Cork, Ireland; Cathal Doyle , University College Cork, Ireland; Jeanette Müler, accelopment AG, Switzerland and Aonghus Sugrue , University College Cork, Ireland
Paper no. 1023
Poster session A

Diffusing public sector services through high definition video
Andreea Molnar , Brunel Univeristy , United Kingdom; Vishanth Weerakkody , Brunel Univeristy, United Kingdom and Ramzi El-Haddadeh , Brunel University, United Kingdom
Paper no. 573
Poster session B

What makes a good community citizen? A socialization model for free/libre/open source software communities
Kevin Carillo, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Paper no. 180
Poster session B